More About FACs
The AO
  A Shau Valley
    • MACV Compound
    • LCU Ramp
    • Hué Goose
  Tet 1968
    • Trail FACs
The Missions
  Visual Recon
    • Sunken Sampan
  Close Air Support
    • Rules of Engagement
    • TACS
    • Battle at Hua Cu
Ranch Hand
Arc Light
  Hammer 51 Rescue
  Search for Jolly 23
  Jungle Penetrator




America in Vietnam
Dr. John Guilmartin, Ohio State University

The U. S. Army in Vietnam
American Military History, Ch.28;
U. S. Army Center for Military History

US Army CMH Vietnam Studies
Historical monographs

USAF Project CHECO Reports
Declassified historical monographs on SEA conflicts

Joint Pub 1-02, Definitions   (PDF)

Other Links

Vietnam War Websources
Extensive portal of links on the Southeast Asia conflict.

Vietnam Online
Companion to Vietnam: A Television History series

Who's Who in Vietnam
PBS American Experience series

The History Place
Detailed timeline of the war, 1945-75

The Pentagon Papers
Gravel Edition (Boston: Beacon Press, 1971)

Documents on the Vietnam War
Documents Relating to Foreign Policy
Mount Holyoke College

Vietnam War Maps
Department of History, US Military Academy

National Museum of the USAF
Southeast Asia War Gallery
   • SEA War: Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia
   • South Vietnam: The Advisory Years (1961-65)
      • Down in the Weeds: Operation Ranch Hand
   • South Vietnam: Buildup & Engagement
   • Laos   • Plain of Jars   • Panhandle & HCMT
   • North Vietnam: Rolling Thunder
      • Sanctuaries and Bombing Halts
      • Countering MiGs: Air-to-Air Combat Over North Vietnam
   • South Vietnam: Tet Offensive & Vietnamization
   • Hitting Sanctuaries: Cambodia
   • South Vietnam: Easter Offensive
   • North Vietnam: Linebacker & Linebacker II
   • Coming Home: The US Exits Southeast Asia

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